I am BRITTANY NATION - I make music sometimes but i do not upload very often. If u see me upload make a wish ok!

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Sorry i have been gone for so long :D

Posted by BRITTANYNATION - 1 month ago

i am not usually one to type posts about stuff bc i find it to be very uncouth. But i think since newgrounds is newgrounds i should say something anyway :D

i started the process of moving around feburary and around that time was when i tried to get back into newgrounds. That was absolutely terrible timing on my part since i had like three giant things stressing me out for december through march and it made me um Not of sound mind as some of u may know lol.

The house i was living in at the time was really messed up cuz the landlord neglected it and also neglected to tell me anything about said neglection so i had to deal with the whole thing caving in from the inside out from rotting wood and revealing an absolute fuck ton of black mold behind the walls. :|

I got really sick around that time with covid-like symptoms but i didn't actually get tested positive for it, which i'm assuming is because i was breathing black mold literally all the time lol. I think that had a lot to do with how bad i was stressing back then, honestly.

I am sort of kind of working on new music but not really anything concrete so far, i'm still in the process of actually moving into this place and getting settled and all that i think, so i am just playing around with concepts at the moment. I did figure out how to make fnf-like vocals out of sample packs, so maybe i will upload something like that in the future?! Just a maybe though lol. Im not entirely sure if i'll be active within newgrounds again any time soon, but i figured i should write something for the ppl who are still following me. Btw Thank u to those who kept following me on newgrounds i appreciate it a lot And i apologize for the way i have behaved during the winter

And also thank u @itsreddqueen for letting me make music for ur tarot card collab i very much appreciate that :D

BRITTANY NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




man, I've been trying to find your profile!

I'm so happy you're back. I really do hope you're feeling better at the moment.

ok cool

BRITANNY!!! I'VE MISSED YOU ;__; I was just looking at your profile the other day and I wondered where you went.

BRITTANY NATION YO! I've been thinking about where you went off to man! Hope you're doing okay, take all the time you need!